Exhibition: Totes Serious…who made your bag? @ Bridget Kennedy Project Space, 26 September - 13 October 2019

Opening celebrations on Thursday 26th September, 6-8pm at 53 Ridge Street, North Sydney

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Totes Serious…who made your bag? is a series of pieces designed for the wall. Several of the totes feature just one, beautiful, locally sourced or homegrown fibre. Although not functional in a fashion sense, their shape references the current trend for using woven totes and bags in the fashion world.

In recent years woven bags have become real ‘it bags’ and we can see a greenwashing aspect to their use in fashion advertising. They have come to signify ethical, handmade, and of course ‘natural’ by their very appearance. At the same time, makers are invisible. These bags are often made in less affluent countries where makers are poorly paid. The clothes accompanying the bags have a brand, a designer and status. The bags themselves are often treated as mere window dressing – yet they are made by extremely skilled artisans.

In the same way as the ethical fashion world is starting to ask – who made my clothes? –  this exhibition asks – who made my bag? Both questions arise from the Fashion Revolution movement, represented by organisations in over 100 countries around the world. In the aftermath of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh in 2013, Fashion Revolution has campaigned for systemic reform of the fashion industry with a focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Consumers have more power than they think when it comes to helping artisans and craftspeople to earn a reasonable living from their work.

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WORKSHOP: Totes Playful, Bridget Kennedy Project Space, 12 October 2019

The workshop, Totes Playful is offered in Sydney Craft Week to accompany the solo exhibition, ‘Totes Serious…who made your bag?’. Bring an old Tote or basket bag you would like to upcycle or decorate and learn some new basketry skills at the same time. Basketmaker Nicole Robins will teach some basketry and braiding techniques which can be used to replace old handles or add a colourful new dimension to bags and jewellery.
Saturday October 12th, 10am - 1pm, $60 (limited to 8 participants)

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The Neck, Bridget Kennedy Project Space, 4th July - 17 August 2019

‘Anthropocene - nature’s millstone - Woven wall piece’ Fibres: agave, dracaena marginata, iris, eucalyptus-dyed calico strips Techniques: braiding, string-making, weaving/ twill, eco-dyeing Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm $240

‘Anthropocene - nature’s millstone - Woven wall piece’ Fibres: agave, dracaena marginata, iris, eucalyptus-dyed calico strips Techniques: braiding, string-making, weaving/ twill, eco-dyeing Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm $240

Curated by Bridget Kennedy:
'The neck, often seen as a sensual part of the body, a site of vulnerability, is also a site of strength, supporting the heavy head, a conduit to our heart and lungs, providing life giving oxygen to our bodies, and nourishment through the ingestion of food. At a time when our planet and humanity seems to be suffocating on many fronts, strangled by powerful, self-serving ‘leaders’, Bridget Kennedy invites selected artists to explore the neck as a vehicle for political, social, and environmental critique.’

In Sydney it seems that drought tolerant architectural plants are the order of the day and the wild gardens we grew up in as children are disappearing. As a gardener and basketmaker climate and seasonal changes are increasingly noted. This piece speaks to the burden we have placed upon the plant world to adapt to our tune. Sustainable land practices now urgently require a regenerative mentality to acknowledge and address our legacy of damage. The remnant fibres hanging in strips sing a nostalgic tune from Lou Reed’s Perfect Day … ‘you're going to reap just what you sow’. It’s now.

Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards, Australian Design Centre, October 2018

During Craft Week, the ‘leaning tower of plantyness’ is thrilled to be at The Australian Design Centre for The Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards - 115 William St Darlinghurst Sydney

During Craft Week, the ‘leaning tower of plantyness’ is thrilled to be at The Australian Design Centre for The Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards - 115 William St Darlinghurst Sydney

Workshop: Woven Wearables 20 and 27th October at the Happenstore $150

woven wearables

Join me for two mornings of cordage, twining, looping and hopefully some beautiful original wearables to take home or gift. Book online with The Happenstore.

Basketry NSW Open Day October 6 2018


Exhibition April 2018 -  Diversion


Exhibition March 2018 -  The Red Project

Shades of Red

A collaborative site specific installation of 32 umbrellas by 23 artists from Basketry NSW. A variety of basketry styles, techniques, materials and fibres have powerfully interwoven the concept that women are resilient, string, passionate individuals who can provide and gain protection, courage and strength thorough togetherness.


"In celebration of International Women's Day, North Sydney Council invited 74 women artists to participate in a series of exhibitions to be held at six Council venues throughout the month of March. Both emerging and established artists have been showcased including artists from Primrose Paper Arts, Basketry NSW, the Iranian Women Visual Artist Collective, Bridget Kennedy Project Space, Coal Loader Artists Studio Programme and category winners of the North Sydney Art prize among others.

The artists have developed works in response to the colour 'red' as a colour associated with the earth, energy, strength, power, action, determination, passion, desire and love. Artists have responded to the curatorial theme with great imagination exploiting a range of media including installation, sculpture, new media, mixed media, printmaking, textiles, basketry, paper making and contemporary jewellery.

This significant cultural event provides a broad view of contemporary visual practice whilst celebrating women's resilience, creativity and ingenuity."

Exhibition September 2017 -  Spring 

I am very excited to be part of 'Spring', a group art exhibition from the first until the 3rd of September at The Happenstore, Annandale.

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Exhibition October - Artisans in the Gardens

I will be participating in this year's Artisans in the Gardens. 

"A celebration of the natural world, Artisans in the Gardens, now in its 17th year, brings together an extraordinary range of artwork. The exhibition showcases some of Australia’s best established and emerging artists and craftspeople with over 2,000 artworks including sculpture, ceramics, hand blown glass, jewellery, textiles, plus so much more." 

10am - 4pm, Saturday 14 - Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

'Pomegranate' - Photo by Lisa Tilse

'Pomegranate' - Photo by Lisa Tilse


Weekly Maker's Morning 

Every Wednesday at the Happenstore - 55 Parramatta Rd, Annandale.



Monthly Meeting of Basketry NSW Members

I am a member of Basketry NSW.  We currently meet monthly (second Friday of the month from 11 am) at Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre in Cremorne, Sydney.  We welcome casual visitors - $10 -  so feel free to drop by and see if this might be a group for you. Typically we bring a current project and our lunch and some morning tea to share if so inclined.  While it is more social than a workshop environment,  everyone is wonderfully generous and I learn something new every month.  Drop me an email if you would like to know more or enquire directly online basketrynsw@gmail.com.  Links to other basketry groups are also available on the Facebook page.

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Exhibition March 2017 - sobremesa

Spanish, "The moment after eating a meal when the food is gone but the conversation and wine are still flowing."

My first exhibition with Brenda Livermore.


North Sydney Art Prize Finalist - big bad banksia woman